Daniel Durrans


I am a technology evangelist with a strong interest in how information systems integrate with everyday life. I believe that systems and devices should do this in such a way as to enhance our ability to perform daily tasks and increase the enjoyment of entertainment, social and business experiences. Technology should facilitate this interaction unobtrusively and without becoming the focus of the task due to poor design choices.

My role at ARI allows me to demonstrate our technology investments by showing how our clients can improve the management of their fleets both strategically and operationally. By providing the right information at the right time, and making that data actionable, our clients can make significant savings in their operating costs. I specialise in translating between tech speak and business talk, with a knack for logically analysing a problem through to an appropriate solution.

Outside the office I enjoy photography, wine and cookery as well as playing with gadgets such as the Pebble, Parrot AR.Drone and Sphero.


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CompanyARI Fleet UK

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